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All cats and kittens are DNA PKD/Felv/Fiv Negative

Kitten Contract & Health Guarantee


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$1200 with a $200 Deposit


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F1 Non Pointed Blue Eyed White


Born November 1st




F1 Non Pointed Blue Eyed White


Born November 4th




F1 Non Pointed Blue Eyed White


Born November 4th




All kittens come with:


- 2 sets of vaccinations needed for their first year one at 8 weeks and one at 12 weeks


- 2 deworming treatments


- 2 Vet examinations by our professional Veterinarian at

Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital


- CCA Registration papers


-Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee


- 3 Year Health Guarantee


- 6 week trial of Petsecure Pet Insurance


- Lifetime Breeder Support




All cats and kittens are DNA PKD/Felv/Fiv Negative

Kitten Contract & Health Guarantee



Do not even consider buying a Persian or Himalayan kitten if the sellers can not show you a PKD negative (DNA) test on the parentage of the kittens. Knowledgeable breeders have been DNA testing for over 10 years trying to eliminate this deadly disease. click here to read more on PKD







Pointed Kittens -

The Himalayan is instantly recognizable, with round, wide-set, BLUE eyes gazing out from a sweet expressive face. It has a wide head, tiny ears, and short nose. The distinctive coat pattern, and cobby body covered in a long flowing coat, complete the picture.


The Himalayan is now recognized in seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac points as well as flame (red), cream, tortie and blue cream points (including the chocolate & lilac versions) and all colours of tabby (lynx) points. Body colour ranges from almost white to pale cream with darker points on the mask, ears, legs & tail.


These cats do require regular bathing and almost daily grooming to keep the long silky coat from developing tangles or mats.

The Himalayan in general is an outgoing, fun loving, affectionate cat who adapts readily to most environments. their sweet, chirpy voice make them excellent apartment cats




Non Pointed Kittens -


These cats were an off shoot of breeding programs aimed at producing pointed Himalayans with short cobby bodies and short-nosed flat faces. Once only seen inside a cattery, several years ago breeders campaigned to gain acceptance of these beautiful cats.

Some associations allow non-pointed Himalayans to be shown as Persians. Others, including the Canadian Cat Association felt that because these cats carry the recessive gene for the Siamese/Himalayan restrictive colour pattern, they should be recognized under the separate breed heading of Non-Pointed Himalayan.


The standard is exactly the same as for the Persian - a powerfully built cat with a round head, short snub nose with a decided break between the eyes. The eyes are to be round and very expressive. Non-Pointed Himalayans are recognized in most Persian colours with the exception of bi-colours and calicos colour patterns. They are also recognized in the rarer non-Persian colours of chocolate and lilac and the resulting tabby/tortie and shaded colours.


The coat is long and thick standing away from the body. the fine texture requires almost daily grooming so that tangles and mats do not occur.

The Non-Pointed Himalayan has a quiet chirpy voice and adapts readily to most environments. They shared the same sweet natures as the Persian and pointed Himalayans





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